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Whether you are looking for a modern clean look for the bedroom or a rich and ornate ethnic look your living room, we have the will and means to deliver it. Consult with us about your perfect fabrics and measurement for a custom made look perfect for you and your home.

However you envisage the interior of your house, Tailored Solution has the ideas and resources for everyone.  Whether you want pastel coloured cushions and curtains in the nursery, or a gothic look for your teenager, we can incorporate your designs and wishes, and create the perfect furnishings for you.

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Individuality is imperative.  Not one of us is the same, and we reflect our sense of uniqueness in the way that we dress and live our lives; we also have different tastes when it comes to our homes. We work with all types of material, so whatever you're looking for, no matter how strange or unusual, we will make it for you.

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